Give Your Child More in '24!

Parents, are you searching for something new and creative to add to your Homeschool curriculum?
   Something refreshing to start off the New Year?
      Something unique to enrich your child's life?
Well, look no further ...

The Recorder Factory is back, better than ever!

What People are Saying

I have been using this book for 35 years in 3 different Christian schools and when students see the emojis and modern illustrations their natural response is excitement.

Loving this second edition (of the RF book) with renewed enthusiasm and anticipation!

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Christian School Band Director

35 years of teaching

The Recorder Factory is a method for learning beginning recorder. What I loved about this book were the reminders of how to practice and play each piece as it teaches the notes and the theory that go along with the music. ...

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Homeschool Mom

20+ years Homeschooling

The Recorder Factory for Home/School/Church is a 32-page book that teaches how to play a soprano recorder while also introducing music theory. As the title indicates, the book was written particularly for Christians.

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Cathy Duffy

2023 Review